Group training is a fun way to get your friends and even your spouse involved in your fitness adventure. Personal Edge offers small group training sessions of 2-3 people. The exercises and programs are designed to meet your goals and keep everyone engaged and having fun. Group Training is ideal for people who need some extra support, like to challenge each other and for people who have similar goals and fitness levels.

Group personal training program

Based on the results of the consultation and fitness assessment, we will custom-design a program for the group as a whole.

These sessions are more than a lunchtime fitness boot camp. We will select the trainer that understands the needs, fits the personality and availability of the group. They will then incorporate innovative exercises and programs to keep the workouts fun and interesting. The initial program will set the foundation towards your life-changing results. Your group's personal trainer will personally oversee your progress, modify the programs on a regular basis, and keep you all motivated and accountable.

Before You Begin

We believe the basis for good group training is the same as one-on-one training - It’s all about you! That is why we begin with a private consultation and Fitness Assessment.

On your first visit to Personal Edge, you will receive a guided tour of the facility and meet some of our expert staff. All members of the group will meet with a trainer individually in a private consultation to discuss:

  • Personal Motivators (Goals) (measurable & personal)
  • Health history
  • Current activity level
  • Availability
  • Discuss issues/obstacles


Each member of the group will also receive a thorough Fitness Assessment conducted by a trained professional to determine:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Girth measurement
  • Body composition
  • Functional Movement Screen 


We change lives.

Simply put, we change lives! And each of our clients have experienced life-changing results. Some have been as simple as increased energy levels to help them do the things they love, while others have literally added years to their lives.

Get your best friends together for a personalized group training program or fitness boot camp today. Book a tour to get started, let us help you achieve life-changing results.