Personal Training Sessions

”To say that it has been life changing is an understatement! This training has affected almost every aspect of my life. Thank you.” Lisa K.

Personal training sessions are all about you, they always have been and it always will be.

On your first visit to our beautiful fitness studio you’ll receive a guided tour of our personal training gym and facility and meet some of our expert fitness trainers – every one of which is highly trained and here for you. Before we can help you with a personal fitness plan, two activities take place:

First, you will meet with a trainer in a private consultation to discuss the following:

  • Personal Motivators (Goals) (measurable & personal)
  • Health history
  • Current activity level
  • Availability
  • Discuss issues/obstacles

Secondly, a thorough Fitness Assessment will be conducted by a trained professional to determine:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Girth measurement
  • Body composition
  • Functional Movement Screen

Based on the results of the consultation and fitness assessment, we will custom-design a personal training program just for you – no pre-designed strength training programs, no circuit training. We design a program based on your needs, goals and motivators.

We will select the trainer that understands your needs, fits your personality and your availability.

Your personal gym trainer will incorporate innovative exercises and programs to keep the workouts fun and interesting. The number of sessions per week will depend on your health, your goals and your availability. The initial program will set the foundation towards your life-changing results and your trainer will personally oversee your progress and modify the program on a regular basis while keeping you motivated and accountable.

This is the way personal training was meant to be. Contact us today to get started, let us help you achieve life-changing results.