We go beyond the traditional fitness approach to help you change your life. We focus on creating a healthier you so that you can:

  • Play golf without pain
  • Enjoy your garden
  • Climb a flight of stairs without pain or running out of breathe
  • Have the energy to play with your children
  • Reduce your daily stress
  • Increase your energy levels so you can do the things you love
  • Play hockey without fear of injury
  • Enjoy moving again
  • Or do whatever you want to do

The first step to a healthier you will begin with your first visit.

At the initial visit we make you feel comfortable with a guided tour of our beautiful facility and you get to meet some of the staff. We’ll spend time with you to discover who you are and identify what will motivate you today and tomorrow.

“You helped me to capture my life – your help has in fact given me my life.” Steve Schatz

We complete a complete fitness assessment to review your goals and objectives, your current fitness condition, and your medical history. We’ll never compare you to anyone else – your goals and motivators are your very own. We help you design a fitness program and assign a trainer, or trainers, to oversee your progress, keep you motivated and hold you accountable. As you move closer to your goals, we will modify the program to keep you going in the right direction.

“If you asked my trainer about my journey he would say that each workout is an adventure.” Bob Burke

Since this is all about you, we will select a trainer that meets your needs, your personality and your availability. A custom-fit exercise plan will be developed that’s perfect for you and your goals. We incorporate innovative exercises and programs to keep your workouts fun and interesting.

Training with us is as dynamic as you want to be. Your training can be:

  • One-On-One Personal Training
  • Group Training with 2-3 friends (or even your spouse!)

Let us help you achieve life-changing results. Contact us today for a personal tour