What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)?

FST is an assisted stretching system that will reduce your daily aches and pains and improve your mobility. Fascial tissue covers the entire body, creating intricate tissue connections called fascial lines-meaning that muscles within these fascial lines work together and move together. This premise guides fascial stretch therapists in mobilizing your body in a pain-free stretching session which will continue to encourage pain-free movement throughout your workouts and activities of daily living.  Fascial stretch therapists understand the importance of both mobility and stability in the process of pain free movement and use techniques beyond regular stretching to help you move and feel better!

Whether you’re dealing with nagging aches and pains or just want to improve your mobility, a session with our certified fascial stretch therapist will leave you feeling like you put on soft, loose sweatpants after hours standing in tight jeans!

Learn more about our Fascial Stretch Therapist: Rhiannon Marion

Pricing for FST

1 hour single session $ 95.00
1 hour (one of a pkg. of 5 sessions) $ 89.00
30 min. single session $ 60.00
30 min. (one of a pkg. of 5 sessions) $ 55.00