Coming back, and training online

I recently came back to train at the Personal Edge after having been away for a while. I came back just as the pandemic took its grip and businesses had to start closing. When I reached out to Roberta (Bert), she said that we could easily get started and do our training sessions online.  

We met, using Facetime, to discuss my goals and she asked me what type of equipment I had available to me at home. I didn’t have a lot but did have some very basic things. She assured me that what I had was going to work just fine and then she asked me if I had paper plates, cans of tomatoes, a bag of potatoes, a large roll of tape etc... I laughed and asked how these would be helpful and she said that she could easily incorporate items from around my home to aid in the program development. I felt great knowing that this could work and intrigued to see how it would unfold!

I laughed and asked how these would be helpful
I laughed and asked how these would be helpful
I laughed and asked how these would be helpful

Personalized to fit my abilities and constantly changing

My workout time is 6 am, so I get up at about 5:10, get ready, have breakfast, warm up, and she calls me via Facetime at 6 am sharp to get started. She starts by asking me how I feel since our last workout, what I noticed afterwards and ties that info into the program if needed. The program is NEVER the same which keeps it interesting.  

Bert is most definitely a seasoned trainer but the secret sauce is that she’s an amazing teacher with loads of passion! She’s not like many personal trainers who simply demonstrate the exercise form and share all the technical terms of human biomechanics etc. This can sound impressive, but it means nothing if you don’t understand what it really means. She really spends time teaching me everything I need to know about the exercise and breaks it down into terms I can understand. She takes time to demonstrate each new exercise, explains what muscles are being targeted, the intended impact and why it’s so important in every day functions that we perform. I love how she shows me how to do the exercise and then when I do them, gives me simple queues that help me easily visualize what I need to do in order to get the movement right. In a previous career she was a teacher, and it shows! Her ability to describe the exercise in a way that is meaningful to me is amazing and one of her gifts! She is just as picky about proper form in an online session as she is in a studio session. She’s watches my movements very closely and is quick to correct any form deviations along with an explanation as to why it’s so important.   

The workout plans are customized to fit my abilities and are constantly changing to ensure that my strength and endurance continue to increase. I’ve had experiences with trainers that seem to take everyone through the same type of workout instead of adapting to their individual fitness level, age and dis-“abilities”. Bert creates a completely customized program that is both effective and interesting. As moves are mastered, she builds on them by introducing complexity, or weight or both. It’s so interesting and never gets boring. 

Paper plates and roles of duct tape!

Creativity is one of Bert’s many gifts! I’ve used paper plates and a role of duct tape as part of my program! One day I reached out to her and said that I was going through a renovation in my basement and wasn’t sure if we should work out, as I didn’t have a decent space to work in.  She was quick to respond that this wasn’t an inhibitor and that all I needed was a rubber tube and that I would need a space about the size of a postage stamp and she would develop a program that would work really well. She came through with a complete workout ready for me in the morning. I couldn’t believe it.. one rubber tube in a very small space and an hour later I was exhausted, but felt great! She can work through any challenge with ease and the outcome is always excellent!

Adapting the training on the spot

I’ve also come to appreciate how closely Bert listens to me. At the beginning of every session she asks how I’m doing and uses that “intelligence” to modify the program right on the spot if necessary. One morning, I had shared with her that the week had been really stressful. She immediately changed the program and said that we needed to take a different approach or my body would view the workout as a negative stress and wouldn’t respond well. I was so impressed with the care that she took to really listen and not just stick to delivering the program she had developed. She knew better and took a detour on the spot to deliver a really effective workout that my body responded really well too! It was challenging but it wasn’t going to tax me in a negative way for the rest of the day.  

The hour flies by so quickly and when I sign off, I have the added benefit of not having to travel. Working out in an online setting saves me at least 35 minutes in combined travel time; there and back. It also simplifies my prep time as I don’t have to plan all the things I need to take to the gym. It’s all there in my home and is a far more efficient way for me to exercise, given my busy schedule. Working out in this way doesn’t compromise my workout or my goals in any way. 

As mentioned above, Bert is a personal trainer and is also a great teacher who LOVES to teach! She is willing to teach me everything she knows and is truly passionate about the importance of exercise how it can impact the quality of my life. That’s the type of person I want on my team... someone who cares about me and my results; she’s going to make sure I reach my goal without compromising my safety.  

Personal Edge Training...  It’s very much about the personal touch regardless of where it takes place; online or in the studio!
Personal Edge Training...  It’s very much about the personal touch regardless of where it takes place; online or in the studio!<br />
Personal Edge Training...  It’s very much about the personal touch regardless of where it takes place; online or in the studio!

I’m thrilled that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing personal training online! I absolutely love the convenience it affords me and I know that I’ll want to continue this after the pandemic is over. Like most of us, my schedule is very busy and I welcome the time saved working out at home with a personal trainer that is as passionate about her online clients as she is with those that come to the studio. It’s time that is well spent but not taxing with additional overhead that puts more pressure on my schedule. I’m sure I’ll still go to the studio from time to time, but for now, this is what works best for me most of the time. It also opens the door to take my workout to a hotel room when I have to go away for business travel. All I need is a rubber tube and I’ll know that an hour later, I’ll feel like I’ve had a great workout!