Our Vision

We created a unique and energetic physical training environment that focuses on you, the client. We built a team of highly-educated professionals that would be able to put the science behind physical fitness to provide our clients with results – life-changing results.

Today we are one of the top personal training studios in the country with services that include personal training, fitness, corporate wellness workshops and elite athletic training.

Our Values

The Personal Edge values, or strengths, are the driving force behind everything we do. They guide our approach with each client, whether it’s for personal training, in our classes, for a corporate presentation or training elite athletes.

As a fitness studio and health club, we pride ourselves in being real, creative, professional, committed, passionate, motivating and fun. 

These strengths make Personal Edge one of the most positive, passionate places for clients of all ages and fitness levels to experience life-changing results.

Our Mission

At Personal Edge we change lives! We change our clients’ attitudes towards the way they eat, exercise, and feel about themselves.