COVID Status in the K-W Region

As of Apr. 8, 2021:

  • Ontario has declared its Second State of Emergency and its 3rd Stay-at-Home Order.
  • As of 12:01am Thursday April 8th, Ontario will be entering a province wide Stay-at-Home Order.  The COVID-19 Response Framework (colour-coded zones) is paused during this time.
  • EXCEPTION: Personal Edge Training is closed to all clients with the exception of those working with Registered Kinesiologists Connor Faiczak and Ian Alishaw, as they are designated health practitioners.  
  • All other clients are encouraged to continue to train online with our trainers virtually.


Waterloo Region was declared RED - Control Classification (click on the link below for details), which means that our studio is OPEN and we can provide in-person training with the precautions that are listed below.

Grey - Lockdown.   


Red - Control Classification


Orange - Restrict Classification

When our studio is open and can offer in-person training with these precautions:
  • Face coverings are required within the facility, however masks can be temporarily taken off to engage in an athletic or fitness activity. However, all trainers will continue to wear masks and will wear safety goggles when clients remove their masks during exercise.
  • Upon entry, all clients will fill out a brief COVID screening form.
  • Indoor attendance will be limited to 10 people. 
  • Social Distancing will be maintained.

Additional Precautions We're Taking

We would like you to know that everyone's health and safety is of the utmost importance to all of us, here at Personal Edge Training.
We have elevated our sanitation policies and have made changes to our processes to ensure the best and safest experience for you, our valued clients and our cherished P.E.T. team including:
  • Trainers will sanitize all equipment and frequently touched surfaces after every use
  • All scheduled appointments have a 15 minute buffer zone between them to allow for appropriate sanitization and safe entry and exit of all patrons
  • We have prepared the studio by sanitizing everything, so that we can invite one-on-one clients back in for workouts

We are reaching out to all of our personal training clients, however if you are excited to get started again, we would encourage you to contact your trainer to set up your next appointment! We look forward to seeing you again!

Continued Online Training

Please know that we're also available and training those of you who would prefer using online applications such as FaceTime, Google Duo and/or Zoom. Whether it's personalized Online Training or a Custom Fit Home Program, we can help you stay fit during these trying times. 

No equipment, no worries

If you don't have any home exercise equipment, we can use common household items like paint cans, water jugs, bungie cords and sacks of potatoes to creatively put together fun and highly effective workouts.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get fit or stay fit.